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Yandina Veterinary Clinic   
where we are  'Treating your furry family'   

 Call us now:  
  5446 7303     


For after hours emergencies call Animal Emergency Services   
5445 1333 (Tanawha) or 5430 6900 (Noosa)

Find us at: 11 Railway St Yandina (opposite the railway station).  








             Greetings fellow pet lovers!         

At Yandina Veterinary Clinic our focus is on prevention and early detection for our patients. Do you want to give your pet the best chance at achieving optimal health and happiness? Do you want to maximise the chance of them being around with you for a few more years? Well we want to help you!

Our mission is to be an advocate for all pets that come to see us, to seek for them the best possible preventative care and medical treatment in order to help you to give them the best outcome for their health, happiness and longevity.

We aim to teach you, their loving family, how to prevent and look for the early signs of disease before a major illness develops.


Where do we start??

We offer a FREE nurse preventative health consultation for our new patients, so you know what you need to do for them to keep them happy and healthy whilst living  in the area (paralysis ticks are particularly nasty!).

Simply contact the clinic to make an appointment 5446 7303.




or come and visit us at 11 Railway St Yandina


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