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If you have joined our Yandina Veterinary Clinic family (or are thinking about it) then welcome

Ofcourse we do what you would expect a vet clinic to do - we fix animals! But we do more than just that...we are a companion animal clinic with a mission to help you help your furry friends live happier and healthier for longer. 

In order to achieve this we have taken a slight detour from your run-of-the-mill clinic...by offering and integrating alternative options for some medical conditions, acupuncture and Emmett Therapy, vaccine antibody titre testing and now species-specific RAW foods we are embracing a more holistic approach to your pet's health.



For all after hours emergencies call

Animal Emergency Services  5445 1333    (431 Tanawha Tourist Drive, Tanawha) or

Animal Emergency Centre     5453 7005   (28 Eenie Creek Rd, Noosaville )



Our mission is to be an advocate for all pets that come to see us...to seek for them the best possible preventative and medical care in order to help you to give them the best possible outcome for your pet's health. 

We also believe very much in the concept of being PROACTIVE with your pets' health rather than REACTIVE - prevent, and therefore avoid the need to treat...a much more modern mentality than the old 'let's keep a watch on it' approach.

So in order for us, your pet care team, to achieve this we offer your pet access to the following:

  • Triennial Vaccinations (the most up-to-date vaccine technology)

  • Antibody (titre) testing to determine if booster vaccinations are needed.

  • Our Pearly  Whites PROACTIVEpreventative dental program - with FREE dental prevention packs

  • Ensure your pet can be safely returned home to you

  • Yearly Heartworm Injections (never miss a monthly pill again)

  • Effective flea and tick prevention products  for dogs and cats (important if you live in the local area)


  • PROACTIVE Screening Senior Health Programs for your 'Golden Oldie'

  • Itchy pet treatments and management​

  • Options for behavioural problems

  • A guarantee that we will keep up to date with the latest information on treatments and medications so your pet can have the best.

  • A tailored program for your pet's treatment taking into consideration your family and financial situation

  • Routine procedures such as desexing, lump removals and wound care are performed by our experienced vet team.  We also have a visiting mobile Surgeon who can tackle the trickier orthopaedic and soft tissue procedures


  • complementary medicine for a more holistic approach to your pet's health

  • Acupuncture

  • Emmett Therapy

  • RAW foods

  • Herbal options for some conditions

  • Weight Control Programs and Nutritional Advice

  • 'Big Dog' Raw Foods for those who want a balanced but less processed option for their dog or cat

  • 'Advance' Superpremium Pet Food Range - supporting an Australian Made Product - with a rewards program

  • 'Hills' and 'Royal Canin' prescription foods for pets with special dietary requirements - with a money back guarantee if they don't like it


  • Immediate Snake Bite and Tick Paralysis Treatment for affected pets

  • Day hospitalisation for treatment and observation

  • Onsite and Affiliated Laboratory Blood Tests

  • Onsite X-ray facilities

  • Affiliation with Specialist and Dedicated After Hours Clinics

  • Contacts for holiday pet-sitting/boarding


What more could you need?  We have everything that helps us and you to continue 'Treating your furry friends....like family'



Yandina Veterinary Clinic Pet Care Team

Yandina Veterinary Clinic rose from the dust in late 2006 under the direction of Dr Sheree. Since then the clinic has nurtured a dedicated, tight-knit team who will take the time and care to help you find the right solutions for your pet's needs. If you have a preference to see a male or a female vet - we have both.  And we assure you that none of the nurses will bite!

Dr Sheree Atkinson


Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc, CVA)

pictured with Cleo the Devon Rex

Hi, I'm Sheree, veterinarian and founder of Yandina Vet Clinic. Yandina is where I grew up and in the early stages of my veterinary career I envisioned coming back to my home town, which lacked a dedicated veterinary clinic. I graduated in 2001 from the University of Queensland and initially gained experience working with several mixed practice clinics (that is combined companion and farm animal clinics).  Eventually I decided I wanted to go into a purely companion animal practice so took the leap of faith in building my own business.

I have an interest in science-based alternatives to the mainstream approach of modern medicine and have completed a certificate in both Veterinary Acupuncture and Emmett Therapy for Dogs.
Like most staff in a veterinary facility, I have adopted a motley crew of pets from various strays, rejects and ring-ins. I currently have 3 Devon Rex cats (the cute/ugly curly-coated breed). 
Outside of work I love doing a bit of 'peak-bagging' (mountain hiking), abseiling, canyoning, and then slowing down with the therapeutic benefits of gardening. Being a veterinarian has got to be one of the most rewarding, challenging, varied jobs around - I feel lucky to be doing something I love by helping people with something they love. 

Dr Thomas Bassingthwaighte


Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc)

pictured with Perry the Spoodle 

Hello, I’m Tom - a Small animal general practitioner, with interests in medicine, surgery and pharmacology. I enjoy general practice as there’s always a new challenge. I graduated from University of Queensland in 1998, and then moved to Warren in country NSW . Warren was a bit remote so after a year I packed up and went to work in the green muddy fields of England, seeing a wide range of cats, dogs, farm animals & wildlife. This went on for a few years until I realised that no-one in England could actually understand the Australian language, so I came home. Having had my share of kicks, steppings-on, calvings, butts, squashings etc, I decided that working with small animals indoors was the way forward, and since then have concentrated on developing skills in small animal clinical medicine and surgery.I grew up in NQ on a cattle station and spent much of my childhood running with a pack of working dogs, falling off horses and shouting at cattle. I live in Verrierdale with a wife, 2 daughters, one dog (Perry, who is quite brainy for a spaniel), 2 goats and 3 chickens. The beard is only temporary, until our 6-month old 2nd daughter grows up enough that I have time to shave.


Qualified Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV) 

pictured with Mango the Staffy

Hi, I'm Dawn.  I came to Australia from the UK in 2007 and started my career as a Nurse working for a horse vet in Victoria. After a 3 month internship I landed a job as an emergency nurse in the Animal Emergency Centre in Melbourne where I was exposed to a diverse range of situations and gained a lot of experience. In 2009 I moved to the Sunshine Coast and became part of the Yandina Vet team.My furry family includes a 5 year old English Staffy called Mango, a 10 year old Australian Silky called Holly and a Guinea pig called Mixie. When I'm not nursing I enjoy being outside running, kayaking, paddle boarding or crawling through mud in obstacle course races.My favourite part of being a Veterinary Nurse in general practice (as opposed to being in an emergency clinic) is being able to develop a relationship with all the dedicated pet owners in the local area and their four-legged friends.


Qualified Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

pictured with Egg the British Blue

Hi, my name is Sofia. I’m relatively new to both the Sunshine Coast and Yandina Vet Clinic. I grew up in country Victoria on a farm surrounded by animals and now I feel like I’ve returned to my roots. In between I’ve helped manage a 80 cat capacity cattery in Melbourne. Working with cats has made me more creative in meeting the high level of demand from such diverse personalities. I’ve always had a soft spot for the more senior residents and that is where my curiosity began, I wanted to know how I could better care for our senior citizens.


Qualified Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

pictured with Macey the Moggie

Bio to come...


Qualified Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

pictured with Poppy the domestic shorthair

Hello all, Cathy here! I have always been blessed with many furry friends over the years and at the ripe old age of 48 I was given the best opportunity of my career - to become a Veterinary Nurse. It  has been the most rewarding and exciting experience I could have have hoped for.My fur family consists of fish, cats, horses and an amazing old Border Collie, Scooby. Luckily I also have a husband who shares my love of animals too.  My spare time is filled with spending time with my family, cooking, gardening, reading and hanging with my four-legged besties. I love my life! 


Qualified Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

One of our amazing newbies...Bio and photo to come.


Experienced Veterinary Nurse

One of our amazing newbies...Bio and photo to come.


Experienced Veterinary Nurse

One of our amazing newbies...Bio and photo to come.

Come in and say hello - we can't wait to meet you! 



11 Railway Street Yandina QLD 4561


Monday - Friday                                  8:00 AM - 5:30 PM                             

Saturday                                               8:30 AM - 11:30 AM      

Sunday and Public Holidays             CLOSED


OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCIES - There is ALWAYS an emergency centre open to help your pet so don't wait until it's too late:

Animal Emergency Centre @ Noosaville  5353 7005


Animal Emergency Services @ Tanawha   5445 1333


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